Rules for Playland and Laser Tag

Before anyone is allowed to rent the Treasureland facilities, the renting party must agree to the rules and regulations of the facility. We take the children’s, and all participants’, safety seriously. All rules must be followed or you will be asked to leave the building.

Playland is a play at your own risk facility.
The renting party takes full responsibility for all participants.
Socks must be worn while playing on the inflatables at all times, and it is suggested that long sleeve shirts and long pants be worn.
There is no gum, candy, silly string, food, drinks or tobacco products allowed in the play area.
Do not climb over the walls of any inflatable or walls in the arena.
Do not climb up or hang from the exterior walls on the inflatables.
Follow all rules as posted on each inflatable.
 No horseplay or fighting.
Empty all pockets of all objects.
Do not wear pins, writing utensils, jewelry, eye glasses, or any hard object on the body.
There will be no profanity.
 No intoxication of any kind is allowed.
All food and drinks must remain in the party room.
 No weapons.
Children are not to be left unattended.
Individuals with health problems shall not use the inflatables.
 No novelty or party favors allowed in the play area.
Everyone must keep on the carpeted part of the floor in the play area.
Do not go behind barriers or cones.
Laser Tag players must stay a minimum of 5 feet apart when playing.
All equipment must be returned in working condition and as when received.
Keep away from all blowers.

I understand that if the party room is left excessively dirty there will be a $50 charge.

I have carefully and conscientiously read all of the rules for Treasureland and fully understand that I have taken sole responsibility for any liability. In consideration for  participation in activities at Treasureland, I hereby agree that the activities are risky and I fully accept and agree to assume responsibility of all risks for myself and all participants. I agree that my party associates will keep all rules and regulation regarding each and every inflatable.
 ___________________________________ Signed
________________________ Date