Why it is a great place for a party!
First………Weather never matters.
Second….Completely private–no intermingling with strangers.
Third….Six huge inflatables for the price of one that you rent.
Fourth…….All inflatables are bigger than you could rent.
Lastly…it’s not in your house!


Indoor Inflatables
Home to Arkansas’ Largest Indoor Inflatable Slide!
We book parties 7 days a week, but we are closed on Sunday mornings from 9-12.
Plan your next party here!

Playland Party ………………………………………………..$225

Playland party package gives you the first hour playing on the inflatables and the last 50 minutes in the party room.



    Playland Only …………………………………..$225

If you desire to book time on the inflatables and play the entire time with no use of the party room, the price is $225 for one hour and thirty minutes (1 hr. 30 min.).

   Playland and Laser Tag Package ……………….$375

This package gives you the first hour and ten minutes on the inflatables and playing laser tag at the same time (anyone playing laser tag must be at least 9 years of age), then you have your party in the party room.  This package was designed so that older visitors could play laser tag while the others played on the inflatables.

Please note* Inflatables create friction on the bare skin. All participants must wear socks to protect their feet and it is recommended that they wear long sleeves and long pants to protect their skin.


You must send your deposit to hold your time slot for your party, no time is reserved until a deposit is received. The deposit is part of the $225 for the party ( $50 deposit + $175 due at party = $225). The deposit cannot be refunded during the last week before your party but you can use the deposit on another party within the next 3 months.)


The doors will be open 15 minutes before the party starts.


There is a $10 charge per person for all participants over 20 and a $2 charge for every minute over your ending time.

                Parents who play with their children are not included in the 20 count.



Partyroom includes: Refrigerator, microwave, huge table, chairs, and some decorations. No food or table settings are provided but you may bring all you want for your party.

We gladly clean the room after your party, however an overly messy room will be charged extra for excessive clean up.

                   All parties are private. There is a $50 deposit required before any party is booked and the deposit will not be refunded during the week prior to the party but can be used on another party within the next 3 months.
During the two hour session the first 1 hour is reserved for playing on the inflatables and the last 50 minutes are designated for any refreshments, presents, or party favors you may bring. You will then have 10 minutes to remove all your items. If you need more than the 50 minutes for the refreshments and presents please let us know. If you stay past your time it is $2 per minute over the time. All food, drink and party favors must remain in the designated refreshment room. Please make sure to read and agree with the PlayLand Rules listed on the rules page. You are responsible for informing your invited guests of the rules.
Make sure and not come earlier than 15 minutes before your party. The doors will not be unlocked any earlier.

If you do not pay your deposit your time slot is not reserved.