Treasureland Laser Tag

                                           You can book a party online or call us.

                                                                         Parties are an hour and a half.

Knowing the arena is important to your ability to play laser tag with skill.  Here is a list of the actions that the arena devices perform:          

Bases……..blinking red gives your rapid fire when you shoot it

             …………….blinking blue gives you more shield

Targets……………blinking scores points when you shoot them

Energy gates……shine down under doors and………red will tag you, blue gives extra shield, green allows you to pass freely.

Shooter……………will tag you when firing (you can tag the shooter and stop it)

arena layout copy

  Many games to choose!

   Gladiator         Hunter          Free for All         Secret Agent        Graffiti       One Shot        Sniper       Backstabber    Takeover                 Juggernaut         and more

Due to the weight of the equipment you must be at least 8 years old to play laser tag.

You can book a laser tag party which includes 4 games for up to 14 people at a time and the use of our party room. More people can come to the party but only 14 can play laser tag at a time.

All parties and games are private.


Birthday Party Pack………..$225

The birthday party includes 4 games of laser tag for up to 14 people playing at a time and the use of our party room for the entire hour and a half.  Extra games may be purchased at $3.00/person.


Laser Party with inflatables……………$375

This party includes the LASER TAG party room, 4 games of laser tag, with the first hour of play time in Playland on the inflatables.  This package was designed so that smaller children could play in Playland while the older people played laser tag.  All games and inflatable time with be done first and then the last hour for your eating in the party room will come after play time.


Church groups call for pricing!


Call for details!



We gladly clean the room after your party, however an overly messy room will be charged extra for excessive clean up.